Six Reasons to Use Meal Replacement Shakes

August 13, 2015



  1. Portion Control

Portions are one of the toughest things to consider when you’re trying to lose weight. Sure, chicken can be good for you, but how much is too much? Pasta is one of the largest offenders, because it’s so easy to over do it on the noodles! And who needs the carbs, right? With a meal replacement shake, you have all of your ingredients, blended into one serving and you’re done! Simple as that!

  1. Cost Effective

Meal replacement shakes, especially when you make them on your own, can be extremely cost effective. You probably know from your own experience that you can spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars a week on food. With a shake replacing at least one of your meals, all you need are the base ingredients, which are typically fruit and grains, which are inexpensive and often come in bulk.

  1. Time Saver!

Speaking of bulk, you know what else you save? Your time. That’s right. Sometimes it can take one to two hours to cook a good healthy meal. And after a long day plus the time you may have spent at the gym, who has that kind of time to spend? A shake takes, at most, 10 minutes to make. You drink it and you’re done. Little to no effort is required, and you can get back to watching America’s Next Top Chef.

  1. Nutritious!

Meal replacement shakes are centered around one vital concept: Health. Typically, you’re not putting Snickers bars and ice cream cones in your shake. You’re putting all natural, healthy base ingredients, such as strawberries, bananas, chia seeds, and oats. And don’t forget the protein powder! If you’re not into protein powder, try peanut butter.


  1. Peace of Mind

It can be so hard to go over your daily meals and ask yourself, “Did I get enough protein? How about calcium? What did I eat for lunch again? Tuna fish? Why did I do that?” With a meal replacement shake, you know what you’re getting, how much of it you’re getting, and how you’re getting it. By blending everything together into one fine shake, you’re settling your brain’s worrisome nature in deciding whether you did the right thing for your body today.

  1. They’re delicious!

We can’t forget this one! By using all natural ingredients, especially berries and other fruits, you’re getting a wonderfully sweet drink without the guilt or hassle of a milkshake or ice cream. You can satisfy that sweet tooth and not regret it next time you step on the scale. In fact, you may have the opposite reaction next time you check your weight! So drink up!

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Six Reasons to Use Meal Replacement Shakes

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