Almased Diet Shake Reviews 2017

2017 Almased Shake Reviews
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Almased Diet Shake Reviews 2017
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2017 Almased Shake Reviews
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    Almased packs a serious amount of protein in their shake, and compared to other meal replacement shakes on the market today, but it does it with a serving size of 50 grams. That’s means that you’ll need to be consuming a great deal of powder to get the benefits found here. To put it into perspective, the serving option is more than double the average serving that you would get from other products. With the increased sizing, you’ll denote a chalk-like taste to the shake as it is not something that you can avoid with ease. With added vitamins and minerals, this option is definitely one of high note, however, the protein blend comes from soy, which is not ideal.

    Has Almased Gotten Better With Age?

    Almased is a meal replacement shake that’s been around since the 80’s. It’s one of the oldest shakes that we’re familiar with and considering that it’s been around for 30 or so years, we have to figure that they’re doing something right. Well, consumers have to figure that, anyway. Here at Diet Shake Reviews, we dig deep to make sure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about which meal replacement shake is best for your nutritional needs. For us, “figuring” just doesn’t quite cut it and honestly, it shouldn’t for you, either!
    Almased actually prides itself on its quality standards and “unique manufacturing process,” which have both been the same since the shake’s conception in 1985. If it worked then it will work now, right? Well, that’s not wrong, but with 30 years’ worth of scientific research, there are other concerns that may arise. We aren’t absolutely sure what Almased’s website means when it refers to these standards and process, but we assume that they are referring to, among other things, the shake’s formula. It was originally designed to improve metabolism and was found to produce successful weight loss results. It’s been marketed as a weight loss product ever since. However, just because a meal replacement shake may help you lose weight doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s nutritionally valuable or good for you.

    One issue with this shake becomes apparent right away. Its main source of protein is soy. Soy may have been revolutionary when it was originally “discovered” by modern researchers (even though it’s been around for ages), but has recently come under much scrutiny.

    Soy contains a plant compound that mimics estrogen. It was initially believe that this was beneficial to health, but upon further research has been shown that in eating large amounts of soy can reduce fertility in women, trigger premature puberty, and disrupt development of children. Over the course of many years, studies have also found that the benefits that soy was initially held to believe are not so beneficial. It doesn’t significantly lower cholesterol or improve cognitive skills, just to name a few.

    Soy is actually no longer a common protein choice for meal replacement shakes. It’s likely because of these health concerns, but it’s also because there are even better protein sources available.

    Regardless of the source, Almased does contain a high amount of protein, at 27 grams, which is a valuable quality in a meal replacement shake. Protein fills you up quickly without the added calories (although many food sources high in protein are high in calories, so watch out). This is actually over half of your recommended daily intake for protein. With the increased sizing, you’ll denote a chalk-like taste to the shake as it is not something that you can avoid with ease. With added vitamins and minerals, this option is definitely one of high note. Although soy is far from ideal in our opinion, we cannot discount the benefits of the protein, regardless of its source.
    However, another useful nutrient for meal replacement shakes, particularly for weight loss, is fiber, which this shake does not have. Well, it does contain half of a gram, but that’s more or less negligible. Fiber is another component of meal replacement shakes that fill you up and are maybe even more important than protein in that regard.

    We love that honey is used as a natural sweetener – all of the ingredients in this shake are natural, which we think is important. Weight loss involves a healthy lifestyle, which is not attainable by consuming artificial ingredients, particularly sugar. Consuming too much sugar results in that sugar being stored as fat rather than used as energy, and that’s obviously counterproductive when it comes to weight loss. That’s also, unfortunately, the problem with using honey as a sweetener. Even though it’s natural, it does contain a high amount of sugar. In this particular case, Almased contains 12 grams of sugar, which is not a lot compared to eating a slice of cake or drinking some fancy coffee concoction, but this is intended to be a healthy shake, and 12 grams of sugar is unnecessarily high, given that there are other shakes out there with as little as 1 gram. Given that the sugar comes from a natural source, it could definitely be worse.

    At 180 calories per serving, the number is a bit high for a meal replacement shake. It’s actually double what some of the lower calorie shakes are. That’s quite a high number when you think about it. Mix the shake with milk and it’s up another 80 or 90 calories. Throw in some fruit and it’s up another couple hundred. To be fair, even 500 calories is likely lower than the meals that many people eat, so in theory this shake is still doing its job.

    We’re actually unsure which ingredient boosts metabolism. Almased explains that it’s through combining the soy, honey, and skim milk yogurt powder and then undergoing a fermentation process that provides the body with the proper nutrients that maximize metabolism and weight loss. We’re unsure how this works or the validity of the claim, but that’s their explanation. In addition to that explanation, Almased does provide numerous weight loss plans as well as recipes to create tasty smoothies with their shake mix. However, we’re still left with that nagging question of just exactly how all of these ingredients work together to promote metabolism.

    Almased does contain various factors that make it a decent meal replacement shake. It also contains other ingredients that make it less so. We’re big fans of the natural, GMO-free approach that Almased takes, but that’s also not enough. Even natural ingredients have their pitfalls. That’s why we think that Almased is definitely a moderate option, although soy is not recommended for the top meal replacement shakes.

    Soy Ingredients

    Soy – Albeit inexpensive, soy is not an ideal protein source, in our opinion, as there are a lot of alternatives out there. Recent studies have linked soy proteins to thyroid issues, food allergies, danger for pregnant or nursing women, immune system problems, and much more.


    The sweetener found in this shake is honey, and it accounts for 12 grams of sugar per serving. This is moderately high, but it’s not artificial, therefore not as bad as some of the other shakes on the marketplace today. Almased is definitely a moderate option, although soy is not recommended for the top meal replacement shakes.

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