Meal Replacement Shakes with Your Daily Workout Routine

August 28, 2015

Whenever you work out, whether you’re doing cardio or weight training, you’re not only exercising your muscles, you’re tearing them. That’s the pain you’re feeling in the morning. Your muscle tissues tear with each workout and as the tissue builds itself back together, it forms the strong muscles you can’t wait to show off at the beach. But wait, you might ask yourself why some people seem to be in more pain than others after a tremendous workout routine. The answer comes down to not how they treat themselves during or even before a workout, but it’s after the workout that truly matters.


Protein is your best defense against post-workout pain. It’s not going to cure you of all of your woes, but it will help. That’s because protein, at the root of it, is what helps rebuild muscle tissue. That’s why post-workout protein shakes are so popular! That, and they can be so tasty!

Meal replacement shakes after your workout is something you should consider experimenting with. And by experimenting, I mean just do it already. About twenty to thirty minutes after your workout have a protein shake in place of breakfast or lunch. That, of course, means you’ll need to schedule your exercise routine around a meal. For instance, if you want your meal replacement shake for breakfast, try working out for an hour before you would normally eat breakfast. Workout for about 45 minutes, have your shake, and you’ll feel so good and replenished almost instantly!


Some of you may be concerned about muscle growth. You don’t want giant pecks because you’re just trying to lose weight right now and the last thing you want to do is focus on muscle gain. It’s all be said before; trust me. Everyone is concerned that by trying to gain muscle, they’re not going to be able to concentrate on losing their fat. Truth be told, it’s not an irrational fear. That is, until you learn the truth. Having even a little bit of muscle will actually help you burn fat even when you’re not exercising. What’s that? Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. Having muscles will allow your body to burn calories even at rest. Science is wonderful, isn’t it?

So don’t hesitate to have a meal replacement shake or two, because it’s healthy and the protein will help you recuperate your muscle wear and tear. Now, get back out there. You’re doing great!

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Meal Replacement Shakes with Your Daily Workout Routine
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