Lose weight without losing your mind

June 24, 2015

Losing-Weight-without-losing-your-mindIt seems like being able to lose weight is an extremely difficult task for most people. The biggest problem is that people have no idea of how the body works and what causes them to gain or lose weight. This makes it very hard for most people to want to stick to their diets and it creates a situation that is not very easy to handle. In this article we are going to give you some tips on how you can start to lose weight without having to lose your mind in the process.

Split your meals from 3 to six

This doesn’t mean that you should be eating twice as much food. All you have to do is take the food you already consume on a daily basis and split it into six smaller meals that can be taken through the day. Make sure that you wait at least 2 hours between small meals. This is going to be an incredibly beneficial booster for your metabolism and your body will basically turn into a fat burning machine that is efficient and lean.

Cardio is your best friend

You could lift weight and you can try all kinds of new and advanced exercise routines, but the truth is that best exercise are the basic cardio drills like running, jogging, jumping jacks, mummy kicks and burpees. If you perform those exercises on a daily basis, your body will be fit, toned and strong.

Add a meal replacement shake to your plan

If you feel like you don’t really have enough time to eat a healthy meal during any point of the day, you can always look for meal replacement shakes that will provide the same amount of nutrients that you would get from a full meal. This is often ideal for breakfast or lunch, but make sure that your product of choice provides the required nourishment.  310 Shake, Yoli, or any of our top 5 rated on our list are excellent examples of a great meal replacement shake.

Forget the scale

You should forget about the scale and the worries that come from constantly looking to see what numbers are being displayed on it. Make it a rule to only look at your scale once every week at the most, but we recommend that you look at it once every two weeks. This gives you a chance to focus on your weight loss and not on how much you are losing. If you don’t see at least 3 to 4 pounds lost every 15 days, you are definitely not eating clean enough and you are not exercising properly.

Sleep well and in proper time

If you don’t get enough sleep at night, you won’t be able to reach the highest levels of metabolic rate possible. Getting plenty of rest promotes chemical reactions in your body that allow you to burn fat, while getting very little sleep does the exact opposite.

Don’t get obsessed with numbers

It’s always great to check the nutritional value of things, but you should not become obsessive with this. If you don’t know the exact amount of protein that a slice of meat has, you only need to calculate an approximate and this will be good enough. A general idea of the nutritional contents in the food you eat will be good enough, but if someone offers you a slice of cake or some strange dessert is brought to the table, you should not feel bad about eating it, as long as you only eat this kind of food very sporadically, it won’t have a serious impact in your weight loss efforts.

Manage the junk food

This is hard for many people but there is no need to completely get rid of sweets and junk food in general. Just think of junk food as a vacation period. This means that enjoying a slice of pizza once or twice a month in a social gathering is not going to kill you, but you should eat this kid of foods as little as possible. If you are doing very high else right, your metabolism will take care of that small amount of greasy food without a problem.


Remember that a good looking body cannot be achieved by exercise alone or by dieting alone. If you only exercise and you don’t diet, you will get fit, but your body will still hold a lot of fat and no one will notice what is going on under all the fat you are still storing. If you only diet, your body will look soft and saggy, so you do need to balance both in order for your body to look great.

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    I like the article because it eliminates the need to get stressed out over losing weight and gives good points that will help in keeping thing balanced.

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