Best fruits and ingredients for your meal replacement shakes

September 1, 2015

You’d be surprised to learn that not everyone thinks about what goes into their meal replacement shakes. Truth is, some people are daring enough to just put a banana and a couple of pieces of fruit and be content with that. Well, when you’re replacing an entire meal with your shake, you should really take into consideration exactly what you’re putting in, to make up for the nutritional loss that you’ll experience otherwise.


Who would have thought to put avocados in your shake, right? But it’s true. They have a lot of fiber and good fats for your body. Good fats can help you feel much fuller between your shake and your next meal, so give it a try next time! They also add a creamy texture to your shake which makes for an enjoyable meal!

Check out the best ingredients on the Internet for a recipe you’ll truly enjoy. It doesn’t take long to discover that a lot of people have a lot of helpful suggestions on how to increase your experience with meal replacement shakes. For instance, did you know that you can use watermelon slices instead of water, to get some extra minerals and a unique texture? It sounds obvious, but some people never think to try it. Apples and pears also make for interesting, pulpy textures that you don’t get from other fruits and berries. They also have fiber, which is a key element you should remember to keep as part of your diet. Fiber helps with weight loss.

Fiber is something you want to make sure you have in your meal replacement shakes because they help your body absorb sugars better so that you don’t end up gaining any extra unwanted weight. Berries are another ingredient that contains a lot of fiber. Remember to never put fruit juice in your shake, because fruit juice does not contain the source’s original fiber. So it’s basically just sugar water. You want real, authentic and natural ingredients straight from your grocery store’s produce section.

Speaking of which, if you’re trying to lose weight, some of the best ingredients are avocado, berries, chia seeds and green stuff, like kale or spinach. If you want to sweeten your shake, use stevia or turbanado rather than pure sugar. Some shake enthusiasts prefer putting Greek yogurt in their shake rather than regular yogurt, and that’s honestly the best way to go. It’s higher in protein and usually has less sugar than your standard yogurts.

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Best fruits and ingredients for your meal replacement shakes
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