America’s New Cancer – Artificial Sugars

February 2, 2014

Americans as a whole have a sweet tooth that doesn’t seem to be going away. Most people are eating 20 teaspoons daily, and that’s a bit frightening when you start to think about it. Most people call it as a America’s New Cancer – Artificial Sugars. At first glance, you may think to yourself that you’re not one of those people, and true, not everyone is just taking packets of sugar and eating them nonstop all day. Instead, Americans seem to prefer cereals, snacks, sodas, and even diet foods. Too much sugar is bad, it’s been known for some time. However, it’s the artificial sugars, the ones that promise no caloric weight that is the culprit, and is causing serious health problems for millions. In fact, some may even call it the new cancer, as it’s growing, and there seems to be no end in sight.


Is It Really Safe?

There are a lot of conflicting messages being pushed about artificial sugars, and whether or not they are safe. This is the same type of confusion that was pushed out throughout generations before, where tobacco was deemed safe and everyone from the silver screen to the suburbs had a cigarette lit at any given hour. We now know that tobacco is not good, and should not be used, and the same thing is happening in regards to artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners derail your efforts to lose weight, and that’s just the beginning. There are a great number of health problems associated with fake sugars, as the research being done on long term effects continues to showcase less than favorable results.


Excess sugar is bad, it’s very easy to introduce it into daily life without even knowing it. It’s for that reason that our reviews focus on the labels, so that you clearly know how much sugar you’re consuming in your meal replacements. Furthermore, artificial sweeteners are linked to so many problems because they trick the body’s systems, causing disruptions in health. . Therefore, you consume more and more, and that of course triggers the health issues. Your best bet, is to not just limit artificial sugars, but rather completely eliminate them from your daily diet. If you want sustained weight loss and overall improved health, avoid fake sugar completely.

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