5 Types of Protein Ideal For Weight Loss

February 3, 2014

Weight loss professionals, and researchers have come to a consensus about what type of proteins work best for weight loss. In fact, there are 5 Types of Protein Ideal For Weight Loss
that have gained favor when coupled together for this purpose.

The best 3 proteins you can have in a meal replacement shake is milk protein, whey protein, and pea protein. This trio creates a beneficial relationship in terms of healthy living.
5protein_1WHEY PROTEIN
Isolated from whey, this is a strong option that has been found to fight inflammation in the body, reduce fatty tissue, and even stop the formation of free radical mutations. This fast acting protein is created through cheese production, and is important for cell growth, and fitness.
This concentrate takes whey from cheese production and filters it to scrape only the proteins. This is highly concentrated option delivers a very good chain of amino-acids to the body.
5protein_3PEA PROTEIN
One of the newest found proteins, this is an easy to digest option that has an impressive amino acid profile, and when combined with other proteins delivers maximum nutrition without any sort of distress that is linked to lesser quality proteins. This comes from a whole food source, so you can rest assured that the body will utilize it easier than having to break down a complex nutrient profile.
5protein_4MILK PROTEIN
Isolated from dairy, this powerful protein can really add serious benefits to the body. Whether it’s aiding in weight loss and management, or it’s helping with recovery from workouts, it is one of the naturally found options that many shakes include in their recipe.
This plant based protein delivers 19 amino acids, and has been touted as ounce for ounce better than the nutrients found in beef, chicken or fish. For vegans that are looking for an alternative to dairy, and animal proteins, this can definitely deliver serious amount of nutrients.


Combinations Work Best

The aforementioned proteins are the most recommended by our editors, as they offer the best absorption and nutrient profiles, and are safe. Combining multiple protein profiles is the key to getting the best out of your meal replacement shakes, and that’s part of our 6-prong review criteria. Read our reviews here.

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